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Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Vs. Dodge Ram Power Wagon

Super Truck Tango: Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Vs. Dodge Ram Power Wagon


Part 1 - What's the Diff? Ford F-150 SVT Raptor vs. Dodge Ram Power Wagon


Florida Chapter member
Ya know, for the Raptor they tested having a 5.4 and not being to under the power ratings of the Hemi, that fascinates me.....I wonder what kind of power the 6.2 SC v-8 will make.....


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Festus, Mo.
interesting. I actually passed a Raptor the other day on the highway. It was blue instead of the red you normally see. Pretty cool looking truck.YelloThumbUp


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outside your house
It's clear a raptor crew is in order for a true comparison...and I'm all for that


Texas Chapter member
i saw in a ford magazine iv been gettn ever since my mom got her 08 escape and i saw a section on the raptor and it says the 6.2 should b crankin in the 500hp range


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Am I the only one that thinks this comparison is stupid.
The power wagon is meant to be a work truck a big brute and the Raptor was built with racing in mind.
Are they not in to very different leagues?


Fire in the hole...
I am totally in agreeance with Tex. Its apples and oranges, and completely ridiculous to compare the two.

Why don't we get a comparison of a Honda Rancher 420 and a Yamaha YFZ 450? I mean, c'mon, they are both 4 wheelers, right?

Honda Rancher 420:

Yamaha YFZ 450:
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La Vergne, TN
thanks for posting this its a real interesting read to see how the 2 companies are doing the whole off road thing differently but at the same time see how many similarities there are.


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Boring, Oregon
I think they addressed that pretty well in the article, though. Realizing the differences, the two trucks represent their manufacturers interpretation of what an "ultimate" off-road pickup would be. Interestingly enough, they cost about the same too. The last paragraph is a good desription:

Let’s keep in mind that the “ultimate setup” varies by region. Tire choices and build strategies depend entirely on the severity of the terrain, seasonal weather patterns, soil qualities, and other local conditions. What works in Oregon would likely be out of place in Arizona or Tennessee.

Thinking along those lines, we see the Raptor as best in the desert. It’s a superstar anywhere the roads are open and there is dust in the air. The Power Wagon, on the other hand, would be great on a ranch or a farm, in the mountains, and in the woods. You could say that the Raptor is by far the better race truck, but that would depend on the course. In a race from Barstow to Vegas, we’ll take the Raptor, spot you 15 minutes and be on our second cold one when you show up. In a race held mostly in low range, on steep, rocky logging roads on a foggy, drizzly day in Oregon with a couple of fallen trees in the way, we’d put the mortgage money on the Power Wagon. With no winch, the Raptor might not even make it.

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