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Factory 4x4 w/390


Nov.TOTM 2012 / 2012 TOTY
Sharp lookin rig good luck on your pursuit for it! fyi check it out good tho looks can be decieving in some cases..Bob
The bed toolbox was an option. I would think most CS's had that option though.

From the 75 brochure

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Thanks, that is some good info. I wish this truck had the tool box.

I am waiting on the VIN right now. Will it tell me whether it really is a CS and a Highboy?
A 76 250 IS considered a Highboy.

Remember it is a NON-Ford word.


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Sean brings up a good piont... despite what people say, there were alot of 360s made, and they were pretty damn good engines... pretty powerful and reliable, and not all were gas hogs - it depended on the rear axle ratio... not unheard of to get 12 - 14 mpg with a good one in a good setup (3.00 or 2.73 gears...)
Nice looking truck for shure. That looks like a 77 though. 76 did not have the race track trim, the f250 badges would have been on the fender instead of the cowl& clear lenses in the turnsignals in the grill. it is a highboy though as you can see the crossmember under the front bumper. real good chance it has a 400 in it if it is a 77
According to the VIN, this is a 76. My dad's 77' has the badges on the fender. The engine displacement is still unknown, but it has a 4bbl iron intake, so I'm going to hope someone has swapped in a 390, though I would prefer that the truck hasn't been tinkered with too much.. Not worried either way, It will see a 385 series at some point I'm sure.

None of that matters anyway... I bought it. :D


Probably a 76 with a mostly 77 body on it. not that it matters like I said she looks sweet. You can order up the right door tag & cab sticker from martini to match your title. (notice in the pic of the doorway that the cab tag is missing)


Nov.TOTM 2012 / 2012 TOTY
if you can post a pic of the engine..we may be able to narrow down whats in it,nice truck good luck,in time my 79 is going to get a face lift of that 77 grille,aggressive looking & my favorite out of all the years 73-9
Those valve covers don't look 70's to me...
Do they look late 50's to you? ;)
I like your picture better than their chromed up crap. LOL :)

The spark plugs angled like //\\ sez it's an FE or FT engine. :)

Hardly any 360's got a 4 barrel iron intake on 'em because
the low compression of the 360 doesn't respond to it worth
anything, pistons for the 352's bore size is a different story.

Quit fartin' around and measure the stroke. ;)

"we dohn need no steenkeen radio, we got an FE!"

...try not to gloat too much tho, not everyone can have an FE.

Alvin in AZ
I've got myself a bit of a frankenstein!
A pretty nice one, at that...
Yeah, but.
When in the heck are you gonna measure the stroke on that beast? :)

BTW, Wikipedia sez:
"One version of the Batmobile built by Barris, which was equipped with a
Holman-Moody prepped 427FE with dual quads, toured drag strips where it
would be launched in second gear and spin its tires the entire quarter-mile
length of the track."

Butthead in AZ
Left Friday @ 10:00 PM, and got to back to the border at 1:00 AM on Monday. Over 40 hours of total driving, and over 4000 KM... My 2000 F-150 had a hard time with the hilly landscape, and prior to pulling this truck home, did not consume more than 1/2 L between oil changes. I used 6 liters of oil on the way home, topping up at every gas station. Ouch.

Truck is awesome, runs strong, very straight, but has been repainted. I will confirm 360/390 status tomorrow. I am very happy about the purchase. First thing I need to do is fix the exhaust manifold leak. The P/O even included a new set of gaskets.