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F250 Explorer Camper Special

Hi folks. I picked up this sweet 1974 F250 Explorer Camper Special a few weeks ago and am going through the issues to make it fully reliable. One big issue I am having is trying to fill with either fuel tank. They appear to fill about 3/4 full and then they puke fuel out of the filler locations. The filler neck has no restrictor plate or filler vent as newer vehicles do. Also, as the day warms up and fuel expands the fillers leak. If I open the caps, fuel spills out. I changed to vented caps in hopes this would relieve pressure but now it drips out of the cap if I’m on a sloped driveway. I did pull the outgoing hose from the charcoal canister and heard an audible vapor release. So, unsure what to do to resolve in the long term. Any experienced suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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