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Engine swap

K I'm leaning on you all a little

I finally found a replacement 460 for my '78 F250. Thing is, it came out of a Ford Tractor. How do I find out what year the engine was manufactured and what kind of modifications do i need to make to get it in my truck?IMG_20210420_213654269.jpgIMG_20210420_213641298.jpg

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I believe on the 460, the engine casting number is on the rear of the block by the starter. That should tell you the year.

Not sure what might need to be modified to get it in your truck. What engine are you replacing with it?
This is the casting on the block and I can't make heads or tails of it. I think it may be an early 80's model. I'm rebuilding this one, then swapping the 460 out of my '78 for this one. Then maybe a swap of the two again

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I poked around and this may or may not be right but TE-AB seems pretty clear so that's what I used to narrow things down. I found this for big block fords, D9TE-AB – 1979-1984, 429/460 Big-Block Ford, 2-bolt mains, Truck.

It looks like there were several different options for the 460 in 78. Probably need to start with the casting number there and see which version it is.

Hope this helps!
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When you said Ford tractor, my head went to farm tractor, not tractor/trailer type. Over all, it should be a direct swap. When it comes to buying parts, knowledge of its age and such is helpful.