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E4OD hard shifts

Need some advice please. 1994 f250 4X4, 460 V8
Truck ran fine last night. Started up this a.m. and drove forward. Put it in reverse and it immediately started running rough and chugging. I nursed it a bit and the emgine smoothed out and ran fine again. But the Overdrive light was flashing=trans malfunction. Yup, now it shifts hard in all gears. O/D does work. We are on the road, vacationing. It drives fine once the trans shifts to top gear, but the shifts are really hard. (I can modulate this with driving style only some of the time, depending on conditions, traffic etc.) I was told that because there is no signal to the pressure solinoid the line pressure in limp mode dictates constant high pressure. Had it code checked: 625-10-111. Guy said it needs a new computer. Truck has only 89K. Can't believe the computer is toast - what do I check next? Options please. And thank you!