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dentside safety

I'm short on time this morning and don't have time to explain what happened. I'll get to that when I get home. Here's a couple pics of the final wreck.





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outside your house most horrific was in Red. I was hit semi head on by a drunk driver at about 35mph. It ripped the front axled out from under my truck, flipped me on the passenger side, and I slid on the side until I telephone poll caught the bed and stopped me. All I had was a bruise across my chest where the seat belt caught.

Here's a pic after we got the axle back in:



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Fortunately I've been lucky so far. The most to happen to me was I was making a right turn and a guy parked illegally tried to make a right turn on my right side. He tore his mirror off on the back corner of my truck. I didn't even know what had happened until he chased me down and threatened me LOL. Lets just say it ended with him driving away as fast as he could :). But thankfully I haven't been in any kind of significant wreck.
50 mph on a by-pass road when right out of nowhere the car on my left passed me then started swerving around 2 lanes and finally stopped directly in front of me perpendicular to me ,it happened so fast and I was already braking but I still crashed into her broadside. I cam out of it with slightly wrinkled fenders.

I'll see if I can find a pic .

My truck suffered to hail damage twice, Being back into by a firetruck, being back into by a doddle-bugger truck,and almost written off by hitting a Jimmy that slid right into me .

1985 Ford F-150

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I tore the quater panel and bumper off of a grand prix with mine. I was backin out of moms driveway and I wasnt watchin the front end I was watchin the back makin sure I didnt hit nothin in the back and then crunch rip and I turned around and saw that the right side of my front bumper had punched a hole through this ladys quater panel and ripped her rear bumper off. I went and parked the truck and talked to the lady and she didnt want to call the cops or nothin so I put her bumper back on as best I could and she went and got it fixed and then we called the insurance and I think they paid for it. BTW this lady was a clint of moms for her tax buisness and she parked where nobody usually does and I forgot about her car bein there. All it did to my truck was bend the bumper out two or three inches so I hit back into place with a sledge hammer.
Ranger 429,
those pictures brought a tear to my eye!!! that must have been quite a ride!

Yeah it was. This was my truck that I bought when I was 17 and waited till I got my license at 18 to drive. I had it for just over a year when I wrecked it.

I was driving down this road in my town that I knew pretty good, I had a stop sign and cross traffic did not. Well being in a hurry I opted to blow the stop sign. I had double checked to make sure nobody was coming and it looked all clear. On my passenger side hidden in that very small blind spot by the A pillar was a Chevy Blazer. He hit me at the furthest point of the passenger side of the bed sending me flying sideways. The car (the Oldsmobile in the first wrecked picture) that was waiting across the intersection end ed up under my truck as I had landed on it and put the 4" pipe bumper thru their roof. After landing on top of their car my truck rolled over on the driver side in the ditch. The roll bar kept it from completely rolling all the way. The wrecked pictures are the way I left it at the wrecker yard. After having the wreck I went there and pulled off whatever me and my buddies could get. I probably lost about 4K on that truck when it was all done.:(

Lesson learned for me, I've never had another accident since then.