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Clutch Master Cylinder Removal

Howdy All

going to replace my clutch master cylinder on 1999 F-150. I have the push rod lose from the clutch pedal. I actually got what I believe the master cylinder , guessing plastic nut turned enough to I believe be able to pull it forward in to the engine compartment, but the what I believe is the rubber weather guard is what is holding or keeping the push rod from coming through the firewall. My question to the forum is to I just attempt to peal the rubber weather guard or pull on it to get the push rod to come through the firewall? I didn't want to tear something important while trying to get the push rod through.
Well finally go around to it today and it was a bit of a bear. The master cylinder for this truck is separate from the fluid container. I was not able to remove the pin from the hose going to the transmission as it must take some special kind of punch to force it out. I was able to get the cylinder and push rod away from the firewall. It is almost impossible to get the little pinch washer out unless your Houdini. Once I got it completed out I was able to punch the pinch washer out and the push rod came out along with the plastic looking washer the people talke about using the hard plastic or tin to get unstuck. What another difficult operation. I finally cut off the end of the old push rod and got the required nipple off. Reassembled and everything went back together in 5 seconds. Now I need to bleed the system