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Charging system.

I need help on my alternator & voltage regulator!

Ive been driving my truck for the past 5 years with merely charging the
battery for a couple hours in the morning.

I have the old original alt. & reg. system ,is it possible for me to convert it
over to a regular alternator with built in regulator ,an how can I do it?..

Much thanks for any insight!.....:)


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Ben sells a 3g kit for your truck!
uses a modern 120 amp alternator from say a Tarus, and a wiring kit, He has it all. You re-wire your set up, and bolt in the new alternator

Hardest part,is filing the brackets a little where the alternator is a bit larger, and slodering on the new ends on the cable he sends.
the cables are sent long, so you taylor make them to your truck

It will be the best improvement you make to your truck!

I think I saw he had some kind of special discount a bit back, pm ben for details

LEB Ben-
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That is a pretty common upgrade, even on later model trucks into the early 90's. Some 90's Mustangs and Tauruses used the alternator of choice. If I recall, I used one from an Aerostar on my Cummins conversion, was similar to the 92 460 alternator I kept back from the original engine.
Thnx Fella's ,I will check into it!:cooldude:

I did just go down an buy a voltage regulator ,I been driving the truck for
3 days now with out throwing the charger on it ,seem to be working ,
my ALT gauge doesn't work.

I thought that I can repair the old one ,thinking it just had dirty contacts ,
but it had some burned wire ,so I scratched that idea an bought a new
one for 20 bucks ,NOT OEM though.....:headbang: ,But does work!....:cooldude:

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