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big tires


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Whats the story with the trend toward big tires, no sidewalls, 20" wheels on little vehicles? Is it just a fad that will pass?


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Trends come and go. I don't like the look. I also LIKE feeling the sidewall start to lay over- tells me I'm about right there at the limit....

I catch a lot of crap about my truck, on account of it not being the biggest, toughest, fastest or newest. (Actually, it's the smallest, slowest, weakest, highest mileage, and the only 2wd of my friends with trucks...) And, yeah, it has smaller-diameter rims than my father's Focus hatchback. But I LOVE the fact that the four tires (two Michelin, two Firestone) on the thing cost less than $200, total.
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The new trend that really makes me mad, is the HUGE trucks with HUGE lifts and HUGE tires, except the tires are on 25" wheels so they look like low profile tires that you would put on ricer, 'cept with off-road tread on them. Anyone know what I'm talking about?




I much prefer the trucks that have teeny tiny wheels and HUGE tires. 70% rubber and 30% wheel is about right ;)

My truck has 15" wheels and 33" tires. I think my combo is pretty good, but I could even use a little more rubber around those wheels :D
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I think it looks so stupid. I went through the hospital employee parking lot the other day before dialysis. It seemed like each SUV I passed hadbigger wheels and less tire. I can't imagine how rough they ride.

Can anyone imagine those huge wheels going off road? Try airing them down and letting the sidewall flex....yeah right!

Mine has 255/70/16s on it and that is what ford built it with. It would not bother me if it were 15s, but.....


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That right there is my biggest complaint, it is quite the effort getting them suckers off, let alone on the rims... It is looking to be at the peak of the fad, other than the fools that have suck big rims, they have to jack their cars up and still don't come close to fitting. That was probably my biggest gripe about Overhaulin', the big wheels on basically every car. I see it a lot around here, still looks goofy to me, give me some tire, to heck with the monster rims...


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Mines bone stock. With the stock rims. Just bought another set of stock tires. Mine's a WORK truck, not a toy (ALTHOUGH, it's been known to go out and play a little from time to time ;) ). But, to me, those big jacked up tires are just plain stupid. Knew a guy in high school that had one of the first generation "High Riders". He took a corner too fast and his 3/4 ton FELL OVER...............FELL OVER...........I say again FELL OVER.

Thats just stupid.......

I've always liked the raised white letters.

I do too actually. I have lost track of how many sets of them I have had.

People keep telling me to turn mine around on the 56. Backwards looks like some hillbilly mounted the tires to me. :rofl2:

I like them the way they are:



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Union, MO
I can't say too much, getting ready to put 22-24's on the Denali but my truck has 17's with 35's.


Let 'er eat boys!
Union, MO
Yeah Brian Gmc makes the Denali its just a Yukon XL with stickers


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If you look at mine from a distance, you can still see the raised white letters of the tires on the drivers side looking from the passenger side. :)

No need to look from a distance anymore we'll just walk along side you while your driving and read the letters...:rofl:

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