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Bed difference between '83 f100 and f150?

I have a 1983 F150xl Flareside with the 351 Windsor that we are restoring. We ordered a wood bed kit from Bedwood and then got the wood and bed prepared for installation. There are two planks that are the used to bolt the wood bed assembly to the cross members and to the truck frame. However, on these two planks the center two holes are bored more than 3" from where they should be. The front and rear holes of these planks are spot on. Bedwood is attempting to fix the problem, however they are using a boring diagram that is factory spec. and are very surprised.

My question is this: Given 1983 was the last year of the F100 and the Flareside was produced in both F100's and F150's series, and that they look alike, are their bed's identical down to the frame holes? If different, could a f100 frame have been re-badge at the factory to a f150xl?


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F 100 and f 150 frame are the same, unless you have the rare lightweight frame.
It has holes stamped in it all the way from front to back. Most of those didn't survive

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Thanks for the reply Charlie. No, it's not a Swiss cheese frame, the mounting bolt holes are clearly identifiable. The difference between what Bedwood sent and the truck is puzzling to both of us.


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My 83 bed bolted on my 56 . Fenders were different. Are you sure someone didn't change/alter the front mount rail?
Could be sometime in the past it rusted through and they just junk yarded something in

In any matter, glad the bed board people are working with you. That's great!

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