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as long as I'm at it... sensor replacements 08 Ranger

2008 3L 2wd Ranger 111,000 mi.
I've ordered the cam shaft sensor from Ford.
Before the monsoons hit the northwest, I'm thinking I'll replace a few more also. Here's the list so far
ICV, MAP, engine coolant temp (2 ea), Oil pressure. Any thing else?
Thanks Pat


don't play well w others
Is there a reason?
are there codes?
I can see a coolant temp sensor to the computer if the truck acts up when first started, or acts up when started warm, other wise, leave it.
if the gauge is working, leave that one alone.

many times replacing sensors that are functioning will create another problem


don't play well w others
Replacements may or may not be as good as original. Plus the fact you are cranking wires around that are heated and cooled, and stand the chance of breaking.
It's yours to do as you wish, but if it dont have codes or a problem, I personally would leave them be.

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