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All About Oil


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I've been using RP back to front in all my trucks love the stuff.
I don't want to sound like I'm bashing this guy but I wonder if he works for Mo1? not saying Mobil 1 is a bad Oil but it could also be Company loyalty.
Have any of you ever used Torco Oils? I realy started liking RP after I saw it beat mo1 in a live test was a really cool video. Awesome read man thanks for shearing.


They call me Spuds
Middleton, ID
I switched to syn (Mo1) after I broke in the rebuild (bottom end) in the Toyota bumped my mileage and it quit using oil....

Might look into Royal Purple as I'm getting ready to make a 600 mile trip south and its about that time...


They call me Spuds
Middleton, ID
Last change I did on the Toyota was last Thursday morning, used Royal Purple's 5w-30 full synthetic and Mobil1's filter.

I averaged 26-28 per gallon on the flat/open roads (400-420 per tank) and I was getting 22-23 over Donner Pass (330-345 a tank) before on regular 10w30 I was never over 235 a tank....

I'm a firm believer in synthetic now...


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Stigler, OK


'94 F150 5.0
You are right...

as many facts in this article have changed since 2003.
smiliewhathesaid I would also wonder if good ol' Walmart's oil is still as good as the author attested to in '03. If so, I'd use it. One other point...he stated that antifreeze is 10 times heavier than water!??! Water at 8.4 lbs/gal would make antifreeze 84 lbs/gal.!!! Am I missing something there? Still, a very good and informative article...I'm wiser for having read it.

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