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A/c Intermittent High Pitched Squeal

My 2009 E-150 Xlt Has A High Pitched Intermittent Squeal That Only Lasts For A Second Or Two Then Goes Away , Only When The A/c Is On. It Comes From The Dash Or It Will Be Heard In The Rear Air Unit. I Hear It More When I'm In Stop And Go Traffic, But It Can Be Heard At Any Time. It Doesn't Matter If It's In Normal Or Max A/c, But I Have Only Heard It When The A/c Is On. The Best Way To Describe It Is It's Like A Squeaky Door Opening Or A Vaccuum Squeal. I Have Talked To My Co Workers And They Have Heard Similar Sounds In Their Fords. It Must Not Be Uncommon, But Mine Is Doing It Alot, And Driving Me Crazy. I Want To Have Some Idea What To Tell The Dealer What It Is . Anyone Have A Clue ???


Could be a belt. it may go away by it's self. (Break-in period). Why do you capitalize every word. Oh, yeah, try posting in the E150 sub-forum also.
And welcome to the site!
Believe it or not that type of typing is called: Proper Case

Welcome, yes we have Truck related forums.. have a look for the forum that represents your truck


That's how we roll!
Possibly a belt. I found it hard to read that LOL


Clown of Death!

There was a TSB for trucks a while back about the A/C drain making a whistleing noise when fan is on high!!!

I don't know if it would apply in your case!!!

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