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84 ranger 4x4 interior heat problem

had a idea I am going to ad a 12 volt RV water pump to my heater hose from the pump and when I turn my heater on it will turn on the pump and pump the water through the core... This is the weakest pumping system I have ever seen.


Hitech hillbilly
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The only thing that worked for me was to increase the idle rpm with a stick wedged between the seat and the pedal.
I even bought a small electric heater to assist it on really cold mornings.


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While I doubt it is the only reason, the 160 degree thermostat isn't helping matters much either. Should be a 190-195.


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While I doubt it is the only reason, the 160 degree thermostat isn't helping matters much either. Should be a 190-195.

That, and I'd encourage the usage of a Motorcraft T-stat. For whatever reason, the 2.3 3.0 and 4.0 in the Rangers just doesn't seem to do well with aftermarket t-stat brands.

*For good measure, you could inspect yours to verify that it's fully closed when cold.
The thermo was the problem

Well Guys it was MY FAULT!!!! I took the truck in yesterday to a mechanic for a tune up... Had him look at a few things while it was in there....Anyway it was the thermostat the whole time. It was the first thing I replaced! It was the wrong one. Not knowing there are different looking ones. So replaced it with the same looking one that was in it when I got the truck. Hence why it didn't work to begin with. Anyway Thanks guys for all your advice....PROBLEM SOLVED....Now I have a two heater cores-three water pumps, on hand because of my ignorance. But hey now when those item go out eventually I'll have them.....LOL! OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!:wavey:


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Thermostats can be a real headache to figure out when you assume they are fine and all. They just set the temp, and if they allow bypass, or are stuck open, they will make it seem like there is no heat. It seems the one in my daughter's car is an annual thing, as I just had to do it again. She complained of no heat, so I got that, and what a surprise, stupid thing was stuck open. Still is open after laying on the bench for a few months... I had the benefit of a temp gauge on that case though, so I could see it wasn't getting warmed up enough.
I had the wrong thermostat in it is all. I just got the same one that was installed by the previous owner thought it was the right one....WRONG So all this was a waste of time.

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