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84 2.3 to a 87 jeep 4.0 straight 6


Staff member
Possible, maybe, difficulty, don't know. Fit is one issue, as it is 2 cylinders longer. Bell housing won't even come close to being the same, adapter plate will be needed. Clutch mating is another story, don't know the combos to make such work. Motor mounts are another, and invariably the radiator hoses will be on the wrong side.. In basic, it is not something that is a direct swap in the slightest.


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
I doubt it as the 4.0 is a long engine. Not sure but to squeeze in a 302 is a tight fit and requires a body lift or a lot of pounding or cutting the firewall.
Darn my 2.3 just sucks and I don't have much money to play with. And I'm at a loss of what is the best way to go. I want more power but want the easiest to accomplish it.
Bolt on a turbo from the 2.3 mustang


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
Bell housing is different on the 2.3 lima
the 3.0 is a unique bell housing also.
the easiest swap for a 84 would be a 2.8l they are a carb engine a feedback carb but still a car but it has a different bell housing alo.
A 2.9 will fit and parts are available you will need a different transmission and a different fuel pump as it is fuel injected.


don't play well w others
2.9 is VERY expensive to build, and they break easy

Go to the jy and find an explorer from the 90's with the v8, and pull the whole drive train

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