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8 lug Blues

I bought an 1975 F350 with duals on it(score!) However, 3 outta 6 rims are the dreaded split ring style. So I need new rims. Now. I've hear that I can only use 1975 to 1984.5 rims because they use tapered lugs and not washer style. 1. What happens if I use the "newer" style rims?(1984.5 to 1998). Any good sources on a place to get the older style? All the junk yards round here have exactly 0. Thanks in advance.


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The newer rims have the washer on the nut. I'm trying to remember, but seems to have been a manufacturer that used a tapered seat pinch plate. Otherwise just have to change your lugs to the washer style. Should be the same thread. The main rims to avoid are factory GM wheels as the centers are too small and won't go onto your hubs.

Dual wheel trailer wheels will also work, so you could look at trailer suppliers to get replacement rims as well.
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