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72 Ranchero GT

Just purchased and I am in the process of restoration on this all original Ranchero GT
3512V Engine.
All original paint, interior bench seat is perfect, Dash is Sun damaged as is the trucks roof .matching #s
New to this retirement project and appreciate any advice on the best ways to keep her all original.
SHOULD I have the paint on the roof repainted?
The rest of the original paint looks great.
Any and all advice welcomed







Staff member
NIce looking rig! As for keeping it original, but tolerable, you can get some dash covers that are good quality. As to the roof, if you want it original looking or don't mind the patina, you can get clear coats to keep it from getting worse or being semi isolated, do just a repaint on the roof and blend it to the door posts.
Thank you for the advice.
I should add that I intend to put it on the market within the month.
I am trying to get to a early 50s F100. So sell this one and use the proceeds for the F100.
72 RANCHERO GT is pretty rare and this one literally has had no aftermarket parts.
It's the only one I've seen with all original The older gentlemen I bought it from just took maintenance seriously and always took it to the Ford Dealer for repairs and maintenance.
Not wealthy gotta work my way to it.
Thanks again, I'll post updates and as I go.
Ready for that F 100