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6.7L Feedback

Well having just returned from a 2500 mile trip with a total of 7400 miles on the truck I can say that I am very happy with the performance of the truck.

On the trip I averaged 21 MPG. I have not hand calculated that yet although I expect it to be close. That was 4 people in the truck with probably 500 lbs of payload and no trailer. Regeneration frequency seemed to be every 150 to 250 miles for about 9 minutes in duration. The message center display is too quick sometimes all I am left with is the drop in fuel economy to indicate a regen is in progress, I am not particularly fond of that. I was nearing the end of useful life on my oil at 7050 miles I received the "Change Oil Soon" message and 300 miles later I received the "Oil Change Required" message.

As far as towing performance I only own a 5000 lb trailer; no where near the limit of this truck so not a real good indication for those who will actually out something significant behind their truck.

More to follow....

The only "issues" to date are:
1) The A.C. receptacle in the center console only puts out between 90 and 100 volts. Some of the equipment I have tried to plug into it has not worked as a result as some chargers will not operate if voltage is not with in a certain range. The plug output is limited to 150 watts and everything I have tried to operate is below this limit.

2) Every now and then as I ease into the throttle the engine will not respond for maybe a split second then all of a sudden proper throttle response resumes. I believe that there is a TSB and engine software to address this but it just is not that big of a problem.


1) Contrasting the 6.7L to the 6.0L that I owned previously, the 6.7 must use a lot more EGR than the last engine. I say this because the oil gets dirty a lot quicker. I bought my 6.0L with about 6K miles on it and the oil was changed by the dealer at the time of sale. It was several thousand miles before there was any significant change in oil color where as within a few hundred miles I noted that the oil was starting to turn black indicating exhaust soot in suspension on my 6.7.

2) This truck kicks complete *****....
You guys are killin' me! smilieFordlogo
I'll tell you it was a tough choice between what I have and the Ecoboost F-150 SCrew. If the dealer had one on the lot the day I stopped there I may have ended up with that since it will be years until I really "need" what I have. Even at that 7000 LBS is a lot of boat and I really don't see getting much bigger than that and feasibly trailer it.

Different subject but there is nothing out there to really even compete with the EB. Unless Chevy/Dodge decide to introduce a smaller diesel in a 1/2 ton


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I bought my 2011 F250 4 Door Lariat used(!) with 11K on the clock. So far mine is a MONSTER. Pulls like an ape and runs like a Lincoln. No issues whatsoever with mine so far. I am a bit puzzled and troubled by the fact that it doesn't have an oil pressure guage. I'd much rather shut the engine off BEFORE the "Replace Engine Soon" light comes on. Also, I realize that this is a cost saving effort, but is plastic REALLY the best choice for the bottom of the oil pan on a 4WD vehicle? I mean REALLY? There has GOT to be somebody aftermarket that makes a metal replacement for that. It's not that I don't trust plastic. Well, actually thats EXACTLY it. I don't trust plastic. Not there, anyway. I'd like something down there I can hammer closed and braise shut if I get in a real bind. Super glue just won't cut it.

Other than that, man I couldn't be more pleased.


I have owned 3 super duty trucks, 2004 6.0 f250 cc, 2006 F350 6.0 cc and now a 2011 F350 6.7 cc. The 6.0s were plauqed with motor issues, but the torque shift tranny was flawless, now it appears, the 6.7 is the winner with torque shift tranny issues. I know alot of these are not caused by manufactures, but Ford trying to meet emission requirements, (thanks government) don't get me wrong I think we should have clean air, but the consumer should not have to pay $60K for a beta test vehicle. My $60K trk is going in again tomorrow to see if the, (what I call a spastic transmission) that stays locked in 6th when trying to accelerate up a small uphill grade from 1000 RPM @ 41 MPH full throttle won't down shift, and knocking and vibration like the motor is coming apart. Had to manually down shift to 4th, and off she goes. Harsh shifts, delayed shifts, normal shifts. This transmission is posessed. I know this is a terrific truck and Ford customer service (Cory) goes the extra mile for us. But wouldn't it be nice to go back 30 years, when a warranty issue was a rattle in the dash. Not there weren't drivability issues then, brought on by the emmission systems. What would Henry Ford think now. Heck can you imagine what EPA would do to horses if they were still our primary mode of transportation. Oh well, it is nice to have forums and factory support from a manufacture that did a ground up build to meet customer expectations, for reliability, and comfort built into a work horse. Just hope tommorow they can perform a exorcism and wash it in holy water, so the next time I go in to what I believe one of the BEST dealers around ( Napa Ford, Napa Ca), what the hell they give you donuts and coffee while your waiting, maybe that's why they have so many cops for customers, hmmm. Sorry for ramblin, but this forum has helped me get a better idea of what's going on with my 2011 F350 6.7 thanks to all. ( Takes a family of resources now too fix today's vehicles)
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