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6.4 rebuildable?


FTFS Designated DRINKER!
Is it True the 6.4 engine is not rebuildable?


FTFS Designated DRINKER!
I was talking to a shop here and the guy told me to sell the Truck before anything bad happens because the 6.4 is a throw away engine.
he said the bottom end isn't rebuildable, the heads are trash, front covers are trash, so there is no fixing one once it goes South, you just buy a new 20+K remain engine from ford and throw the old one away.


Oilfield Trash
Stigler, OK
Not true, there are several companies making sleeve kits, cams, pistons and rods. There is even a company making new heads. If your block is ok, you can build one for around the 8-10K range with all new upgraded components. (less depending on what all is bad) Or buy a crate engine with the same known parts that fail for 15K.

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