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5.4 work


New Shoes......
well first after the new fuel pump and filter on the F250 superduty,, a few weeks ago, it threw another code on a road trip, clean the MAF sensor, and checked for vacuum leaks, also replaced the last original coil on the truck, over 235K miles on it.. and heard a whistle coming from looks like #1 cylinder, found out the injector, so pulled them, and replaced all the caps and o-rings,,not too bad a job.. and now running like a top again..


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
For all the gripes about the 5.4, it sure is a low maintenance motor. Glad to hear it's going good again.



New Shoes......
I really cannot complain,, I have had both #3 and #4 plugs blow out,, I paid one guy to fix it the first time, and then figured it out myself on the 2nd,had the coolant pipe break under intake manifold, fixed that.. and I know of few other issues, but for the miles... I am impressed.. sure it leaks a little oil. .. but wife likes it,,, I just wish I could drive it more.. I have to ask her permission...

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