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400 intake question.


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Whats shaken dudes. last time I posted I bought the poor mans Hiboy and finally got a 400m i've been eyeballing all these years.. Still no short bed tho..
Aywho, i'm wanting to ditch the old cast iron intake for something lighter and brighter.
i've been looking at the Weiand 8010 but got to thinking.
what problems will I run into if I put a none egr intake on my stock heads? is it a pretty straight forward in stall or do I need to do modding or pluging ports in the heads?
Thanks guys.
and if you're wodering its Scotch tonight neat of course.


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Should just be able to build a block off plate for the egr ports. Just let it all go our the manifolds as God intended.


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Back in the day that was a common thing, ditch the EGR. Doesn't affect how the engine runs at all, just the emissions at the tailpipe, and sometimes even that isn't really changed if the tune and engine setup is right. Just brings the exhaust back into the engine when open. You may find the ignition timing may be adjusted a touch as the incoming charge is pure, not re-burning the exhaust.
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Aftermarket intake should have an EGR block off incorporated into it right out of the box.
Early model intake will have to be set on the heads, and look at where the ports are, how to block off. It's been a while for me and m& c blocks, so I can't remember more than the ports being in the center of the head, and the intake covering it.

If memory serves me right the port was always there, and served as a heat stove in the intake for the choke pull down.

Sorry I can't be of more help, it's been a while, and I don't have any in the shop anymore to go look at


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Thanks for the replies guys, I wasn't sure if pressure blowing the gaskets out of the manifold or not.
Now I just need to figure out if I want to swap the old 2150 for a summit carb.


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I wouldn't think the gasket would be a problem as it would have the same heat there closed off or open. If in doubt you can always run red rtv around the hole on both sides of the gasket in that area.
I usually run gray gasket maker on the water passages anyway

on the carb, I have that on my 68 Chevy stepside 454. It does a pretty good job, but the problem is not running it often enough I have had to go through it twice. I am thinking about converting that truck to fuel injection.


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I've been eyeballing those new holly EFI kits, they sure are nice and if I decide to really go for a full on restro I might just do it.
thank you for the info man, now I just gotta find somebody that has an intake in stock lol.


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One quick search, they're still out there

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