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390 cam?

so I want to put a cam in my 390 that will wake it up a decent amount but I need one that won't mess with the vacuum action in the tranny anybody have any suggestions?


The Token Canadian
Staff member
Need more engine info to make an educated decision.


Under Funded
I had a 68 250 4spd 4.10 gears. I put a 390 together for it, stock longblock, cast iron 4bbl ford dual plane intake. I called Berry Cam from lester praire mn. He sold me on a 390 X-GRIND. They developed it back in the 70s for CO-OP trucks with spray rigs in them. Its a torque type cam. So in 4th gear at 500rpm it would climb pretty good, once it hit 1500 it really turned on and pulled like a freight train until 3800-4000. Which is fine, i never wound it over that anyway. The price with lifters was the same as the lowest kit Jegs offered at the time (2004)

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