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300 in '49 F4


Flatheads Forever
Looking very nice - thanks for posting.

re: your tag - it's been a few years since I read Bonhoeffer, but always thought provoking!
Thanks Tim for the reply. It was too cold to work outside on my son's Bronco Saturday so, I since my truck is in the shop I was able to work on the throttle linkage. I still have to pull the engine out and have the flywheel match balanced the Mercedes flywheel , clean the engine and install some new seals and gaskets to hopefully stop the leaks. While it is still in there I want to get as many things "hooked up" as possible so, when I put it back in permanently I can just connect everything and be done.
Thanks again, Mark
Here are some new photos:

The first photo is the glow plug light, boost pressure and exhaust temp gauges that I mounted in the speaker grill. I will paint the aluminum gauge mount to match the speaker grill. The other three photos are different views of the engine shut off valve and switch assembly. It will mount in the dash where the choke cable is mounted. The Mercedes engine shuts off by vacuum. The valve on the side is the vacuum shut off valve from the ignition switch on the donor car. The switch on the end is to complete the circuit on my trucks starter button. Pulling the handle enables the starter button and opens the fuel shut off valve on the injector pump. The original truck ignition switch enables the glow plug relay and normal vehicle electrical.
Thanks, Mark
I finished up the oil cooler lines, the lower radiator air deflector, and mounted the horn today. I have been trying to get everything for he engine swap mounted where it needs to be so I can paint the engine, the inner fenders and all the small pieces. I think I am now ready to pull it back apart and clean up everything and paint it.
IMGP6922 (579x640).jpg
IMGP6915 (480x640).jpg

Here are some photos of the air intake. I still have to finish welding the flanges to the tube bolted to the inner fender. The tubing is 3" stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust pieces I ordered from Summit. I will weld a fitting into the 30 degree bend connected to the turbo and the silicone ell for the crankcase vent hose to connect to.
Thanks, Mark

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