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3.0L V6 question

Hi,I just got a 98 Ranger with the 3.0 and it came with a 94 3.0 motor. But the 98 motor isn't any good. And it runs off coil packs and no distributor and has a crank sensor. The 94 motor has a distributor. Is there any way I can take the harm. balancer off the 98 and put on the 94 motor. And take the distributor out and put the other part off the 98 motor on the 94? Or is this a lost cause?? Trying to get this running for my son. Thanks Tony
I dont believe the computers will interchange. Id sell the 94 3.0 and grab a newer 3.0 to swap


Staff member
The computer doesn't have to follow if what was proposed would work. However, I'm not certain if the parts all trade or not. Looking up parts like the distributor o-ring and the oil pump shaft, it appears that it is a direct swap. As to the sensors and coils, it is a little harder to tell without having the actual motors to compare. Essentially, if the sensors will plug or bolt, and the dummy shaft for the oil pump will swap, you may have to switch timing covers to get the ability to have the crank sensor swap, but it it possibly doable. I have done it with other engines, it is a matter of making sure everything will move as needed. The base engine doesn't care about the electronics that mount to it, the electronics however don't play nice if it isn't all proper.