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2wd with lower valance foglights!

Just waiting on the valance to arrive. I have everything else ready to do the swap of the front lower valance. This is for a 2wd which didn’t come with fog lights. But being an XLT, it came pre-wired so it’s plug and play :)
Parts list,
NOS dash switch I found on eBay! Yea!
NOS fog lights from local Ford dealership (bought a set back in 2014 for my other F150)
Piaa extreme white 9007 headlight bulbs and matching Piaa H10 fog light bulbs
M6-1.0x25mm hardware, needed to mount brackets

Hoping to have all installed this weekend!
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Valance came yesterday!! The swap took me 1 1/2hrs, taking my time.No need to remove the front bumper to do this, all 12 bolts are easily accessed. The valance brand is CAPA, which is the better quality one out there. Fit is 100%, and even came with all new extruded nut clips! Here’s some pics :) I used all NOS OEM Ford partsIMG_2291.jpegIMG_2299.jpeg

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