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226 H Engine questions


New member here. I have a '49 F5 that I am replacing the original 226 H engine with another 226 that isn't as tired. There are a couple of small differences between the two engines that I noticed. The timing chain cover and crank pulley are different on the replacement. The original cover is a smooth casting and the cover on the replacement is stamped, and the pulley is a riveted deal at the timing mark, where as the original is a wider cast band at the timing mark. I am sure these are just changes in production, but was curious what else might be different. The clutch plate disc was smaller. The F5 has a four speed and I think an 11" disc was standard. Flywheel different? I suspect there were differences between car and truck applications like exhaust manifolds, but was there any difference in the 226 engines from F1 through F5?

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I don't know the answer to your question. I have a 226 in a project 50 F4 but I have yet to hear it run. My experience is limited to the V8.

The F5 should have had an 11" clutch. Flywheel should be the same, just drilled for other clutch sizes.

I'll do some digging and see if I come up with anything.

I think the M Series 254 six was used in the F6 and up. The 226 engine was used in both cars an trucks. I believe the 226 that came out of my F5 was the original engine.



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I was going to mention the 254, but it sounds like you already know about them. I have several 226's but never really paid much attention to any differences.
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254 would have an M cast into the block, so the OP can check to be sure. ( I should have checked the parts truck I bought, cuz the intake had the M, but the head and block had the H, passing that on). Also, I don't think there was any difference between the car and truck versions, except maybe the power steering option in the last years of the H constituted a different pulley and cover? Not sure. I have a '47 7H in a car, and a newer 7H from a truck, I can check on.
Based on what I can tell, there were two crank pulley damper types- a viscous and a rubber stamped unit and two styles of timming covers. There was also a difference in the vent tube - one is a single piece that attaches at the valve inspection cover. The other is a two piece unit. The lower half is bolted to the engine oil pan. The one piece unit allows for a bracket that hangs off the back of the starter that is bolted to the oil pan. Sort of a rear support for the starter. The two piece vent tube does not allow the starter bracket to be used. Both engines were originaly painted red, so they I believe they were "original" truck engines. Just not sure which one was made first. Also, the head bolts were different. The engine with the single vent tube had all bolts. The other had a number of studs with nuts instead.

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