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2008 F350 Transmission Filter Question?

So after watching a bunch of youtube videos on my transmission filter change I ran across a guy "upgrading" his Transmission pan and filter on a 2007 to a 2008 version. He said to get this filter as it was much better: FT-180-8C3Z-7A098-D
When I went to Ford Parts department they gave me this filter: FT-144-(1x) 3C3Z-7A098-AA
I called Ford Parts Department here in Asheville NC and he confirmed that he has 2 different filters and that the FT-180 is like double the cost. He did not know the reason for this and really did not even care to find out.
Anyway from the pictures I have seen, the only difference is a pleated(air filter type) filter in place of where the "screen" is on the FT-144.
Anyone know the difference or why Ford has 2 different filters for my transmission and what is the advantage of spending double the money?? Hecho En Mexico stamped all over everything. A 25 cent piece of plastic they want almost $80 dollars for? Merica'

Also: 2008 F350 SD 5.4l 4x4 Supercab w/8' Bed Tow/Plow/Offroad package
the pleated filter was designed for the 08+ trucks... its the same transmission and has better filtration to help protect the solenoids... the original filter in the 5R110 was dubbed as a rock catcher as it does not catch the finer particles that jam up the shift solenoids.... the upgraded filter catches the more finer particulates the original design did not... the external filter which is supposed to be changed with every engine oil change only receives 10% of the flow once the transmission fluid hits optimum temperature and gets sent to the oil coolers up front.. while the filter in the pan (which ford really didnt put a service interval on) filters 100% of the fluid in the pan...

the one ending in AA is the one for the early 03-07's (rock catcher)

the part number your friend gave you is for the filter only for the 08-10 transmissions... downside is you need the larger pan for the filter to fit...

only problem with running the newer filter on the older transmissions is that the if temperatures in the winter regularly get into the -0 they can starve out the oil pump in the tranny and damage the components... the 08+ had a better/stronger however they want to phrase it where that wasnt a concern....

but seeing as your trucks an 08 you shouldnt need the pan as you should already have the larger filter... so it sounds like your parts monkey gave you the wrong one.. you need the newer filter...only thing is i didnt think they put the 5R110W behind the gassers.. thought they were only behind the diesels.... but could be wrong....
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Sparkey83 Great info thanks.
My transmission, according to my code on the door jam says I have a Torqshift.(TR=T)
05/07 MFD. Date
Now on the Transmission case in raised characters it says: RF-8C3P-7006(the 6 may be a zero I can't make it out but looks more like a 6)
Now also on the transmission is a tag that says: 7C3P-7000-FC Other identification from the tag is: PRB-MA then A4522 followed by DDMMYY=030507
Also on the tag: A1Y2 then a very large Y2 and underneath that 027805.

Does that make any sense? I am realizing that this 2008 F350 of mine is right on the cusp of Gen 1 to Gen 2. I should have the larger "2008" pan and would assume the filter as well.
Another thing to note is that the parts guy told me there was an external filter but it was a fixed piece. Not the same as my 2007 F250 external toilet paper roll. And he said it was like $160.
part number on the case says its the 5R110W after my post earlier i went searchin the interweb and found that for the 08 model year they started putting the 5R110W behind the gassers too...

the other filter hes mentioning thats not the TP roll ive heard of and seen some pics of but i dunno what years they were on... of what pics ive seen of them theyre mounted at the bottom of the bell housing...


the pan itself should have the number 8C3Z-7A194-B stamped into it somewhere... thatll tell you its the newer one..

if you do have the little canister search online with the part number FT176... you might find it cheaper... I know tends to have my other filters cheaper than anywhere else...

BTW i hope you know you cant just use any transmission fluid in that tranny... they are VERY!!!!! picky... (im guessing you do but for anyone else looking in these transmissions should only be filled with Motorcraft SP (discontinued) or LV (replacement upgrade) transmission fluid... Failure to do so will result in your transmission burning up!!!!)
Sparky83 Thanks for that.
I fouund out from web surfing that some 2008 models are "Crossover" models. Mine is one of those. The external filter in front of the pan means you have the old style pan. So even tho I have a 2008 model I do not have the newer pan and filter. FORD!:guns:

Ok now to upgrade the pan and filter....OOOOPS!!! I just happen to also be one of those 2008 crossover models that has the mufflers routed so that a larger sized pan will not fit.

Here is a link I found for an aftermarket larger pan page that has the old/new pan info.
i think the pan theyre referring to as not fitting is their aftermarket pan... i think if you got fords factory updated pan it should fit... because the only portion of their pan that changed was where the filter itself sat... the rest of the pan remained the same...
How can I tell what pan I have? As in my first post of this thread I find 2 different numbers and not on the pan itself. One number in raised characters on the case and a different number on tag tacked to the case. I understand Ford has an "Engineering number" as well.

My 07 stolen F250 had the TP external filter up front more so I know what to look for but this 08 has the external filter which has to be completely replaced right in front of the pan as in your posted pic.
Can you tell by looking at it? And can you actually see this pic as its from photo(bucket)?

I'm also hunting an oil leak today so that's what the mess it.
looks like yours has the 6.0 pan with the smaller filter... the 08 6.4 pan looked like this...


6.0 on the left 6.4 on the right... i asked with someone on the my other forum that just changed theirs about the dimensions... looks like they stamped words in different places and directions on the 2 different pans due to the larger filter...

heres his video on the differences between the 2 filters in when he did the update.... i have concerns with his slow warm up... but apparently thats just me... but youll see the differences in the pan and the filter... ive asked him about the overall dimensions but general consensus so far has been its only in the filter area...
the brainiacs on the other forums seem to think with the stock upgraded pan you should be able to use the newer 6.4 pan to utilize the larger filter with no issues...
I just kept the pan I had and changed the inner filter. Any idea how to change that external filter in front?

you talking about the one under the bell housing?? looks like in the pics one side you could use a regular line wrench on... the other side could be snap locks...
Just an update. The External filter that sits in front of the pan was easy peasy to replace. Took my time and cleaned off all the fittings and wire brushed them. You have to use 2 wrenches. One on the fitting attached to the filter and one for the line. I was worried that I would lose a lot of fluid but it was a minimal amount. The only thing to watch is that you dont' overtighten the fittings and crush into the o rings inside cause you will leak. Hope that helps someone down the line reading this.

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