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2008 F250 Front and Rear Seat Upgrade

Hello everyone. I am new to this website and I am happy to find a website that appreacites Ford trucks. I think everyone knows what I mean. I currently own a 60 F100 4x4, 91 F350 crew cab and a 08 F250 superduty. Can I install a set of 06 power,heated Leather seats in the 08? Will they bolt right in? And is the wiring harness and plugs compatible with the 06? My 08 has manual cloth seats at this time.


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Welcome aboard man. I think you'll find this site full of great folks and useful information.

I'm gonna go ahead and move this thread to the right forum to see if we can get you the help your looking for.


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Just checked with my parts manager, will bolt up, but wont work. Plug ins for driver seat module, issues with restraint controls, heated seat plug ins to supply power, etc. Might just bolt 'em up, then work on the electronics as you go.

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