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2008 6.4 F550 Hydro-Boost Mystery

Vince, this is from my Nephew at Gerstner Electric....

Thought you might find this interesting. 2008 6.4 F-550. Lost all power steering. Power steering pump had an awful squeal and fluid was beyond rancid. Replaced power steering pump. Now brakes activate when you turn the steering wheel. Needs a new hydro-boost. When we removed the old hydro-boost this plastic tube pulled out of one of the lines connected to it. The tube is sucked into the hydro-boost and it cannot be pulled out. Also notice the tube is collapsed and all chewed up. While I am not certain, I do not believe that was intended to be there. Part of the line manufacturing process that was supposed to removed? Aliens? Dunno.



Staff member
That's actually part of the line (a restrictor of sorts). Line replacement would be wise. Make sure that when the lines to the left of the master cylinder (driver side) are hooked back up, match up the line with the marking (I think its a blue mark).

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