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1999 f-250 4x4 5.4 motor

What is the best spark plug for this 5.4 motor . New to me truck and have no idea how old plugs are. Have read other forums post about how some brands of plugs are better than others in this motors.smilieFordlogo


Staff member
Unless you're getting into high horsepower and massive modifications, stay with OEM. Motorcraft is the way to go.
10.4 I will old owner said he had replaced them but have no idea how long ago. Also got a deal on accel coil packs will replace them as well.


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
I had the 3 valve 2005 motor, so it's different, but Motorcraft were the only ones that ran well. No problems with the aftermarket coil packs, however. They worked fine.


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