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1991 F350 srw 351w

Going to look at this truck for sale on Saturday. Guy says 4x4 workssmilieFordlogo but linkage needs to be adjusted. Anyone know what t-case would be in that truck. Never known of a adjustment to t-case linkage.


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Tube that holds the shifter is broken off. they break all the time. Part costs about $60
Looked at truck sunday. Transfer case was replaced and after it was installed owner found that shift arm coming out of t-case is not in correct postion so if linkage to shifter inside truck is connected there is not enough travel to let t-case shifter to move all the way forward to 2 wheel drive postion. Looked to me that only to fix is remove t-case pull it apart and clock shift arm forward.( manual hubs)
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There are 2 different shifter mounts for that transfer case. It probably has the wrong mount
One is for the c 6 transmission, the other is for the E4OD transmission.
If the mount for the c6 is used on the E4OD, it will not go in 2h