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1953 f100 Frame Up Restoration


I am new to the restoration space and this is my first complete frame up restoration. I am looking to see if anyone has a "build list' of all the parts needed to complete the truck with basically all new parts. I have all metal parts and glass but looking to have all new everything else. I will be keeping the original flathead engine in it. This is what I have purchased so far:

Complete Mustang Ii Ifs Front Suspension Kit
Need All Spring Kit 53-54 Rear Short & Smooth
Spring Hanger, Rear, Adjustable 53-56 (front Of Rear Spring)
Sway Bar, Front, For Stock & Dropped Axles

This has been purchased thru MidFifty.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


Staff member
Sounds more like a resto modification than ground up restoration. However, there likely is help all the same. It is more out of my territory of exterience for sure.
I've never done anything that old but I especially love those 1st and 2nd gen trucks. Post up some pics when you get a chance!