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  1. New '71 F100 owner

    Hi, my name is Leon... I'm in Northern California foothills an hour outside of Lake Tahoe. I just picked up a '71 F100 long bed (360 CID, C6 Trans). Actually my 16 year old son and I have acquired it for his 1st truck. It's going to be a project for us and something we'll always remember for...
  2. 1953 f100 Frame Up Restoration

    Hello,I am new to the restoration space and this is my first complete frame up restoration. I am looking to see if anyone has a "build list' of all the parts needed to complete the truck with basically all new parts. I have all metal parts and glass but looking to have all new everything...
  3. Lucky Red

    1959 Ford F100 restomod project (Lucky Red)

    Been working on this 1959 Ford F100 resto mod for about a year. Got it with the paint you see on it--appearing to have been put on 20 someodd years ago under a shady tree. It had no good glass, the interior was roached and it was not functional. But it existed and had a title...I took the body...
  4. 1966 f100?

    I have two trucks that I know nothing about, I'm not a truck person. They looks to be solid trucks and intact. Don't know if they run or not. I have a box of keys that I have to go through and hope I have the right ones for them.I think they would be good canidates to be restored but I...
  5. Big_Texxan

    my 66 eff series

    Hey, been on here for a while. Ive owned the 66 for a little over 2 weeks now. This is how it sat for over a year at my buddys house. I traded a Motorcycle I restored for this truck.Its a decently solid truck, I have the origional door, and such.First thing I did...
  6. 1971 Ford F100

    Well I have bought my first classic. I have big plans for this guy, as hopefully it will be my sons first truck. I plan to post the build as I go.My question is..... Does anyone know where the heck I can find a power steering conversion for it? I would prefer not to modify the steering column...
  7. RHD Ford F100 Custom XLT LWB(LongBed) 4x4

    RHD Ford F100 Custom XLT LWB(LongBed) 4x4

    This is my Australian RHD Ford F100 Custom XLT LWB(LongBed) 4x4