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1951 Canadian tailgates

Hello everyone. I've been researching tailgates for my truck to make sure I get the proper one. Thought I was looking for one with the Ford script in the middle from 48-52. But some info I found shows me that in Canada in 51 they changed to block Ford logo. If anyone can give me help with this it would be awesome. Just trying to make sure I get the proper parts and the Internet is not to Canadian friendly with these tucks. Thanks for the help.
Yes Ryan I think that is correct.

But…..I wanted a script one and found one that was for a 50 and earlier, the only difference is where the chains hook, and as I was taking the chains off it didn’t matter.

I have the original 1951 block one for sale.

Two places for more info: and

Yes my truck is a f3 so I need the bigger tailgate. The only ones I've been able to find out here in Saskatchewan have had grain chute holes cut in them. And the hole always seems to be in the middle of the logo. It also seems that not many places carry repro tailgates for f3 or f2. Thanks for the help
And the hole always seems to be in the middle of the logo.

Of course, …….but it is only steel, ……… and nothing is going to be easy, ever! Get one with the hole and get an extra pickup one with the letters that you want and have a welder patch the hole with the new logo!:)
It also seems that not many places carry repro tailgates for f3 or f2.
Welcome to the old truck world, why would they, not enough demand, … got’a improvise, modify and beat your brains out like the rest of us. :hammer:
Well maybe I shouldn’t take all the credit, dumb $$$$$ have been a big help, .........but I have not only successfully killed this post, I killed the whole thread.

Good work Ray. :redface:
No problem ray. I actually found a parts truck that I couldn't pass up. Bought a 52 mercury m3 today. Pretty rough shape but almost all there. Has a 255 in it good drivetrain and all the chrome is there but no tailgate again. Finally decided that I'm gonna fab up my own tailgate. Like you said it's just time money and skin off the knuckles. So if any one needs some 52 merc chrome let me know its no use on my ford.
Sounds good Wayne. The truck will be here first week in November I can take picks of what all is there. I know the hood chrome and merc on the grill are good plus it has the mercury radio delete. As soon as it gets here I will take some pics and post them for you. If you're interested we can make a deal.

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