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1950 trans options

I am overhauling a 1950 F1 for a friend whose grandfather bought the truck new. Engine is no problem, but the 59T 7006 DGD N1 transmission is. Four speed with tractor low, all straight cut gears, and no synchros. It's got a bad cluster gear, reverse idler, and 3rd/4th gears. Useable but very badly worn. That description fits me after trying to find parts for this trans. Any help there? If not, what can I use for a drop in swap with tractor low and maybe some synchronizers and parts availability? Thanks! Steve BTW, how may one owner 1950 F1's out there?
Talked to van Pelt and they don't have any new or even good used gears for this trans. They know what it is and are familiar with it, but no parts.
If this helps, I need BB7101 3rd/4th gear, BB7113A cluster gear, and BB7141 reverse idler. I would really like to know what model and year might use a version of this trans that would drop in and have some synchros and parts availability. I would overhaul that and put it in. Thanks everyone for your help!


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Where are you?
I have a 59T 4 spd taking up space on my shop floor that was given to me. I don't know the condition, but I'd give it away to someone who needed it. However, I'm in nw Montana... thus my first question.

The one Stu mentioned is the T87D - 3 spd HD. I have one in my 48 F1 and they are indestructible.

Tim, sorry for not getting back to you right away, the combination of this ugly winter and getting the engine assembled pulled me off the trans. If you still have this trans, I'd sure like to know what the innards look like before I send you some money have it shipped down here. I travel for a living, but NW Montana is not a hot spot. Can we work something out? Thanks! You can text me at 402-630-2399

Steve, If your travels bring you to north central Arkansas, I have a couple of T9 4 speeds as well.


Flatheads Forever
I don't check this every day either - when I posted the other note, I had just ret'd from Ohio and drove the length of Nebraska on I70. Went that far south to avoid the snow storm and as luck would have it I drove right thru the middle of it in IA and NE. I'll text you from 406 two six one 6665


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I am overhauling a 1950 F1 for a friend whose grandfather bought the truck new. Engine is no problem, but the 59T 7006 transmission [confused] is.

This is not the trans type, it's the part number marked on and for the case.

Trans is the Borg-Warner T-9.

BB-7101 .. 3rd/4th Gear / Obsolete

NOS PARTS LTD in Waxahachie TX has 1 = 962-937-2201.

NOS PARTS SOURCE in Olathe KS has 1 = 913-220-5746.

CARPENTER NOS OBSOLETE PARTS in Concord NC has 30 = 800-476-9653.
BB-7113-A (replaced BB-7113) .. Cluster Gear / Obsolete

No Ford dealer or obsolete parts vendor has any.
BB-7113 =


KLIMESH MOTOR SALES in Calmar IA has 1 = 563-562-3241.
BB-7141 .. Reverse Idler Gear / Obsolete


Pic: T-9 TRANS parts list #5 showing these 3 part numbers.


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