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1300 mile 6.7


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Had a customer with a new 2013 f250 in with a concern of intermittent stalling and rough running. Understandably, he was irritated. With the usual arguement "I bought a $60k truck and now this!", I started talking to him. We went from him wanting his money back, to me telling him "I'LL FIND IT". Well, I did. No codes (until I generated one), Hotline was no help. "Check compression" was their suggestion. Translation, "You're on your own, Big Boy!". Grabbing the wires next to the PCM Would make the truck die. PO335 was generated then (ckp sensor circuit a). Looking at the wiring diagram, there was 3 wires dealing with the ckp. Pulled the connector and tested the amount of tension each wire connector put on the pcm pin. 2 were fine, 1 had none whatsoever. Took apart the connector, used very small needlenose and "adjusted" the tension. Problem solved.


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Goes to prove that it isn't always (many times not) something big wrong. If you don't have connection, things just don't seem to work ...[confused] :headbang:

Have to wonder how many would replace the computer for that...
Wish you were in middle TN.