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'04 F650. VT365/Allison monitoring options? Online resources?

I just picked up an '04 F650 (25,999GVW with hydraulic brakes so it is legal for all my crew to use).
I'm looking for a monitoring device similar to the ones offered for the 6.0 pickups. My main concerns are oil temp verses coolant temp. The OBD2 port is only giving me chassis data. I have a scan gauge plugged into the round "J" port on the left side that is giving me partial info, but not much. Something with a larger screen would be nice as well compared to the 4 readouts the display allows for.
The truck has 25,000 original miles, so with the exception of seals, belts,hoses & fluid changes, there is little that it needs at this point.

Any additional resources you can offer for this would be appreciated. I've looked for F650/750 specific groups or forums, but have not managed to find anything yet.