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What color of gray is used on the steel wheels?

Was looking into painting my steel wheels on my 98 f150. Does anyone know the original grey color name or code? I really want to keep them the same color I think it looks good.


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It's called Argent, I'm not sure of a paint code.
Thanks I looked up that color and it looks like Eastwood has a argent gray wheel paint I am going to shop around the local auto parts stores and see if they have it before I order some.
So far no one locally had any match to the argent grey so I'm going to have to order it now it's between paying $14 a can from Eastwood or $9 from vht paint company. The part number from vht claims to be the correct ford color. This will be a project for another weekend along with painting the chassis.
I could get this paint code if you like. It's argent metallic .

Thanks for the paint code I am going to give car quest a call tomorrow the one in our town is a paint store they should be able to get some