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Well, I think plans just changed on my 78 Bronco build??


New York Chapter member
I was just checking my local raceway to see when they start up for the season?
and I see on the homepage that they are adding some mud drags and a mud bog pit!
Hmmm? decisions decisions :headbang: what to do?
do I build it for the family?
make it a all out mud runner?:hammer:
a mud bogger would be funsmiliegitrdone


Post Whores Make Me Sick
Hmmm... Pics of a mud bogger are much more entertaining for me. And my entertainment is of the utmost importance :D

1 vote for mud bogger!!
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Mucking in the muck is worth more than a race track shot :)
you make not be able to take an "all out mud runner" out for a sunday cruise but when ur winning mud drags thats not gunna matter. my opinion is make it into a mudder


New York Chapter member
I'm going to keep my 76 for the street and hopefully pull off a dual purpose Bronco, this will take some time to do, it is just a bunch of parts I've collected so far, and I want the truck done too
but hopefully I will be ready to run it next season if not this one?


PA Chapter leader
central PA
Build A junker for the bogs ( I can gey several cheap ) and keep your nice one for family. I have mud raced and you break things There more time/money from Family . Now at 40 the family is most important. So its either Build both or go with the kids.


New York Chapter member
Lost, I understand where you are coming from and apreaciate the words of wisdom
I'm 42, and my house is paid for, my bills get paid and I never take money from the family.
The family always comes first!
I have my 76 F250 for the street and back up vehicle, and a 2000 Chrysler Concord for the family car,
The Bronco is not that special, it was really rusted out when I bought it, I have fixed it since then by making my own patch panels,
I was thinking of setting it up more family orientated because of the room it has inside, the project only got put on hold because I got the 76 and have been focused on that because it is road worthy
but I have a lot of spare parts for the Bronco, and I think I can set it up to be a dual purpose truck?, take it out and play, and still be able to drive it on the street if I need to.
I'll just set up a spare chunk with the spool and high gears to put in when I want to go muddin,
I know its not as easy as I might make it sound. trust me I KNOW!! but I think it is doable?
It will take me some time to do it, I have other obligations that come first
I'm also figuring since they are just now working on the park that I should be able to have it ready by next season or when ever they start up? so its not like I'm taking a good truck and destroying it. it was a turd when I bought it, I saved it from the crusher, so I really think this is a great truck to do it with after all " You cant polish a turd?" but I always seem to try???
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