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water spots

Ok I got a set of Mickey Thompson Classic II well I cleaned them with hot wheelz. I was told that I could use the chrome kind but when I used it on two of the rims and washed it and dryed it. There was water spots. Is there a way you can get rid of them or once they are there they are there for good.


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Have you tried waxing them? A good quality wax should help.

note: I never use any kind of chemicals on the wheels other than regular detergent and wax. Stuff can really screw up polished wheeels in a hurry.


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I have the same wheels and I use Mothers' Powerball and the wax/ cleaner that goes with it. It is made for clear coated aluminum and works great. The ball fits into a drill and buffs them out.
Bear in mind, if it is NOT clear-coated, wax is the last thing you want to use on them.
Try windex and a terry cloth first. You might have to work at the water spots with a little vinegar too, then follow with windex. Diesel and a shop rag, too, i a great way to polish bare aluminum. Just wear gloves, lol
ok ya I will have to try that. Hopefully they come off. I met a guy at silver lake sand dunes in Michigan and he has the same rims and he said he used the powerball with mothers and he broke it on the first rim. Maybe I will give it a try


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I did something similar when using 'Westley's Bleach White' on my tires, a BIG mistake when you have polished aluminum wheels. It left spots and streaks due to the acidic properties in the product, which I believe many tire and wheel cleaners have.

Fortunately, 'Mothers' aluminum wheel polish and a butt-load of elbow grease took them out.

As far as the 'Power Ball' goes, been there, tried that. It would probably be OK in a climate where it never rains, or if you're the type of guy who is extremely anal about his polished rims, otherwise it does very little to remove that twice a year oxidization us non-anal guys tend to deal with. Oh, and I broke mine too (kinda cheaply made).

Note to self:
Next time fork-out the extra 30% and purchase the chrome-over-aluminum wheels. They'll look better longer, with way less work.
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Boring, Oregon
We go through this with the friggin' detail shop every time they get in a rig with polished alloys. Any kind of strong/acidic chemical will screw them up royally. So will car washes.

Tom- I don't know of any polished alloy wheels that aren't clear coated- at least nothing produced in the last 15 years or so.
ya i wanted to go with something chrome but i really liked the classic II they look nice when they are clean but when it rains or go through a car wash and dont have a towel to dry forget it.

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