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Vct Noise 3v Engines Built Between 3/2008-6/2008


Master Ford Tech
Some 2008 And 2009 My Vehicles Equipped With 4.6l 3v Or 5.4l 3v Engine, With Engine Build Date Between 3/2008 To 6/2008, May Exhibit An Audible Knock At Idle Primarily From The Top Passenger Side Of The Engine Only At Full Operating Temperature. The Noise Will Not Be Present At Startup, During Warm Up, Or At Higher Rpms, And Will Not Cancel To A Specific Cylinder. Disconnecting The Vct Will Have No Affect On The Noise, And The Knock Is Not At Crankshaft Speed. The Noise Will Not Affect Performance Or Durability, However Vct Phaser May Be Replaced To Ensure Customer Satisfaction. Service Stock Is Currently Being Inspected And Certified, Therefore Availability Of Replacement Parts May Be Delayed.