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Truck Dying after warming up!!

My truck has recently been having the issue of dying after running for about 15-20 minutes. I have replaced the coil with a very nice Accel coil, as well as all new spark plugs and wires. I have also rebuilt my carb and tuned both the timing and the automatic choke.

To give some information about what the truck is:

1969 F100 (Single cab, long bed)
Automatic on the tree
Power steering
Boost Brakes
Under-dash A/C
360 v8
Edelbrock Aluminum intake
Holly 4160 - 4BBL carb
Mallory E-Spark, points eliminator kit/electronic ignition kit

The truck runs fantastically until it, very abruptly, dies. There is no warning of when it will die, but when it does it will turn over but not fire. After hours of letting it cool down it will start and run again for a while. Sometimes right after it dies it can be fired up again temporarily.

It doe not run hot. When it dies it is still only a quarter of the way up the gauge as I have a large brass radiator. I really do not believe that it vapor-locking because I have driven it daily in the heat of the Texas summer for 7 years and have never had the issue. Also when it dies I can put my hand right on the carb bowls and fuel line and they are cool to the touch.

I know the truck is not worn out as I drove it 10 hours round trip only a couple of months ago and the motor has been rebuilt within the past 8 years. It is my daily driver so I would like to figure this out as soon as I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks y'all.




Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
Mallory E-Spark, points eliminator kit/electronic ignition kit this is where your problem is. sounds like it is breaking down once it warms up.
Check to see if you have spark when it shuts down If not the problem is in that area of parts.


Staff member
I agree, it is definitely in the ignition control, has all the classic symptoms. Sure comes on fast .

Big Jim F150

73-79 Ford Trucks Rock
It sounds like that points eliminator to me, also check to see if your pickup wheel has gone bad, that's what had happened to my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat when I had a bout of no firing and sporadic bouts of firing, and then I had taken it to the Ford dealer and they had rebuilt my distributor, and when I had gotten the truck back it had run fine for about three or four days and the truck wouldn't fire, and I had went back to the Ford dealer and I had told them about what the $&@?)) truck was doing and they had sent the mechanic that had worked on it out to look at it and I was told that I had a bad pickup wheel in my distributor, and I had told him to get me a new one and put it in and I was only charged for the part and no labor to put it in, and it I slipped the mechanic a $20 bill and told him to go have lunch on me, for he'd come out on his lunch break to look at my truck, and that he'd went beyond and above the call of duty to take care of my problem. By the way I'm running an MSD GM style HEI distributor on my truck.smilieFordlogosmilieFordlogosmilieFordlogo

I got in today my new eliminator kit along with a 700 resistor and a circuit guard from Mallory. I installed everything and I thought that it was going to start right up; wrong! I figured maybe I set up the resistor incorrectly, so I disconnected it and put the positive lead right on the coil as you would usually do; still nothing. Next, I thought, well maybe I got the wrong circuit guard so I bypassed that and hooked it up like you normally would; still no luck. Lastly, I figured that maybe I burnt up my coil from not running a resistor in the past so I switched it out to a old one and still no dice!

Could my new, ridiculous better spark, be so great that my current timing wont let it fire up?? Could my battery only be charged enough to turn it over and turn on my lights but not start the motor?

It wont even run for a little while now like it would with the old points kit! What have I overlooked? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone that already gave me their advice.