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Truck and Aluma Bed Install


Master Junk Tech
Thanks! Gonna take carpet out tomorrow and power wash it, super gross, its black on the drivers side, its supposed to be grey


Post Whores Make Me Sick
Damn this is really an awesome build. Would be a fantastic weekend truck for picking up lumber at the hardware store and hauling stuff to the dump. Bertha does this for me now but not nearly as well.


Master Junk Tech
This is gonna be a good swap meet truck, plenty of room!


Master Junk Tech
I am now starting to run out of things to do, other then go through the rest of the truck and fix everything, so I pulled the interior today and cleaned it all. Power washed the crap outta the carpet, and then scrubbed the seats down. Also cleaned the crap outta the dash, doors, and headliner! Carpet did not dry fully today as it was cloudy and not too hot out, so hopefully tomorrow it will be ready to go back in

Where are the bolts/nuts


More gross

Power Washed, not the best, better then it was!


I dont know what to do about the huge patch of glue/tar/grossness

Buddy gave me a seat belt buckle for the pass side seat from some stang seats he bought, yea it works and now passenger can be safe!


Master Junk Tech
Here are some pics of it all clean and back together.

Sweet seat covers