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Tried Casey's Premium (10% Ethyl)


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
I gave this stuff a spin one tank ago, and the truck just isn't running as smooth. Should I try another tank and see if it just needed to be flushed out, or should I steer clear?



----Oh man is this is going to open a can of political worms but I've got to speak my mind-----

I won't go to Casey's any more. In St. Louis on the day of 9-11 attack they got caught raising gas prices to over $5.00 a gallon - taking advantage of the crisis. The Missouri State Attorney General Jay Nixon went after them and won. They got big time fines and slap on the wrist as far as any management going to jail. In my opinion they should have lost their business license. Was a totally un-American thing to do.

Thanks - I'll get off my soapbox now.
One thing I noticed in my van was the "premium" casey's fuel not only made it run rougher, but disappeared faster too. Same thing in my wife's suby, so I won't touch the stuff anymore.


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Hmmm, the Iowa Casey's and northern Mo gas never caused any problems that I am aware of...
Bob, I imagine that was a more isolated incident, didn't happen up this way that I am aware of. The excuse given by some of the people that did that kind of stuff was controlling the usage... yeah friggin right..had some of that garbage at other chains as well, with no real cause to do it other than profit. Iowa prosecuted them also.
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people gripe about less mpgs, but people often overlook the cheaper price too. on my old car at my old house i'd get 10% ethanol regularly (it was "midgrade", but cheaper than "regular"). i didn't mind a few less mpgs as long as it was the same (or less).

don't just say "i got worse mileage". if it was more money, then yes, gripe, but if you paid less than you would have for 100% pure gasoline, think again