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Transmission Cooler & Fan Shroud Questions

Do I need to use the aftermarket transmission cooler that's currently on my truck? I don't tow anything with it now. I had to replace the radiator and need a new trans cooler line. I was trying to avoid having to make a custom one for the trans cooler since I don't have a bending or flange tool. Also, the aftermarket radiator I got does not fit the fan shroud that was on the old radiator. The old radiator size is not available any more. Do I absolutely need the fan shroud? I have a '73 F-100 with a 360 engine and a C-6 auto trans. Thanks.


Tonto Papadapolous
I would think the cooler in the bottom of the radiator would be adequate.

I would put a fan shroud back on the radiator. The shroud directs the airflow to where it needs to go. There are some people that go without a shroud, but I'm not one of them.


Staff member
The shroud helps the fan pull through the radiator, not around it. If you have more than 1" clearance to your radiator, you will have low efficiency pulling air through the radiator. I too recommend shrouds all the time even if the gap is tight.

For the trans cooler, you don't have to use it, the factory in radiator cooler should be fine, but you must use the in radiator cooler.

Big Jim F150

73-79 Ford Trucks Rock
Go with the fan shroud, it helps the engine run cooler. Your isn't a Trailer Special by any chance? For the Ttailer Specials have the external transmission cooler for the automatic transmission. That's what I have on my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special, and I don't haul or pull anything with mine, mines just used for cruisin' , parades, and car shows.smilieFordlogo smilieFordlogo smilieFordlogo smilieFordlogo


Ford Parts Guru
1973/76 F100/350 360/390:

TWO different radiator supports, TWO different fan shrouds, TWO different sizes of radiators.
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