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Trail Cleanup


Florida Chapter member
Hey all I'm Junior and I am organizing a trail cleanup three weeks from tomorrow......I was cruising down one of the favored cu through Forest Roads and was a little bewildered by all the trash on the sides and in it......So, I'm going to be speaking to both FWC and USFS within the next few days to get the OK for atv's to cruise through there to aid......I'll also be placing fliers in my locale.......We'll clean it all up and at the end of the day (or middle) there will be grilled hotdogs and hamburgers as well as refreshments....just show up and give a helping hand....any questions gimme a buzz my number is at the bottom.Thanks.


Rep whores make me sick
The catch is, he also wants help cleaning his garage!

Count me in Jr, unless something comes up work wise.

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