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Tow a tractor?

1994 F150; 4.9L; E4OD automatic... I am hoping to buy a farm tractor soon and want to know your experience in towing such a fairly heavy load on a 16' trailer behind my truck. No trailer hitch yet, just the hole in the bumper which I assume is not adequate. Tractor may be something like a Ford 8n or similar.

First: will my truck tow it for short distances? Second: what kind of trailer hitch do you recommend?
I towed a john deere tractor bucket and backhoe 20 or so miles
a 90 F150 302--agreed on the trailer brakes-it weighed 8000 pounds dry weight was hard stopping-I used a ball on the bumper-not recommended but it worked
as the saying goes built Ford tough


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An 8N or 9N are typically at or less than most average car or truck weights. If he wanted to haul a big heavy diesel, it might be a bit more of a concern.


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A tractor that small for short distances should be fine. I wouldn't do much more than that. A 6 cyl f150 is not made for towing much of anything.


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Used one on a ranch in western South Dakota that hauled a stock trailer around all the time. One of my dad's old army buddies used one for years that was carbed for the same thing. It did help both were manual transmissions...


Tonto Papadapolous
I would recommend getting a hitch mounted to the frame. My experience with a ball on the bumper was not good.


Fire in the hole...
Just pull the F150 home with the 8N, problem solved.