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Thinking about an excursion


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Ernie, I get 18-19 mpg (imp) in my 350..with my carcass in it and full fuel it is 8000#.
This is both hand calcuated and by the info centre.

My '06 never got that, unless it was strictly highway.


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Mine is an 05, no mods 100% factory. High recorded (and calculated ) was 22 (imp). My driving is probably 75% highway (40-70 mph) and the rest stop and go local stuff.
On an unrelated happy note, now that my C7 has 60k miles, I'm consistently getting 7mpg :D


The Token Canadian
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One of the two guys that I know has it as a second vehicle for camping and motorsports with his kids. He's commented many times on the capacity and towing capabilities of it.
I really don't think you could go wrong with one and would be very happy.
So with my family growing exponentially with my pending marriage I have been looking at a large suv to supplement my car fleet. What is your collective opinion on them?

I know they are not made anymore
Probably won't be a daily driver
I want the diesel. I had a 6.0 before and had no issues with it but never one over 100000 miles on it.
I have not found one yet just in the thinking stage now

Good points...bad points...etc...
I think the Excursion bug hits the diesel-heads especially hard. In my case, only the 4X4 option on top of that. Only a diesel-head will pay more for the vehicle, and pay more in fuel to own and drive a diesel that gets marginally better mpg. Granted, the diesel has historically (or is supposed to garner more on sale day). I spent a couple trips to my local Ford dealer drooling over the new, in stock 7.3 PSD Excursions in 2001 and 2002. To say the least, the Excursions intrigue me.

I know virtually nothing about the newish Expeditions, simply because they're not diesel-powered, my interest level just isn't there. I should do some reading on 'em (Expeditions) to get hip with 'em.


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Ok, I hope nobody takes this wrong, but I have two 3/4 Ton Suburbans, and both are about equally as awesome as the Excursion.

Get one with the 6.0L V8, you have way more power than a 5.4 Ex but better fuel economy than the V10. Transmissions were pretty stout in them too.

I would like an Excursion just as much as the next guy, but since all the Blue Oval options have been mentioned, a 2500 Suburban bears considering.


Oilfield Trash
I love our Ex. 05 Limited 6.0 4x4. 136,000 miles. It has been mostly trouble free.
Oil leak while under waranty.
Out of Waranty. ICP sensor, Brakes, FICM.

Not bad for 136,000 miles. It still has factory head gaskets, egr cooler, egr valve.

All of that said we will probably only keep it another year. Momma's wanting something with better fuel miliage. The Ex gets 15/17 MPG. Its just not cheap to fill up a 40 gallon tank.


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I love my Excursion. I had a choice over a Diesel or the V10 and I chose the V10. I'm rocking a 10.9 or above with the milage but it's paid for and hauls all my audio equipment, tools, family and more. I'm hitting 189,000 on it probably tomorrow. I've owned it for about seven years I guess and it has never let me down. We tow everything with it. It's been to the top of Mt. Evans (14,270ft) and down to death valley.
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i have an 01 excursion 7.3 with a 6" lift and 20's and tires and get 14+ mpg and i have found one parking garage that it would fit in and there werent any spots left :( were there any ever made with the 6 speed manual in them?


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I have the Yakima Mega Load Warrior rack on top of mine. I recently discovered that mine is 7' 3" tall. The last parking garage I worked in had a 7' 4" limit and it barely made it through. Major kudos to the guys that made that garage. Every beam, every pipe was spot on and almost touched but didn't. It was six levels to the top and the security guard walked next to the truck the whole way up. When we got to the top he said "oh my god. I'm so stressed. I need a cigarette"

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