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Temperature gauge erratic


Staff member
Finally finished it up and I redid #5 because it was the first one and I didn’t really know what I was doing:
5: 148 psi

6: 145 psi

7: 145 psi

8: 145 psi

1: 135 psi

2: 148 psi

3: 145 psi

4: 147 psi

I think it’s pretty good! From what I’ve looked up, it’s within spec and within 10% of each other. What do you guys think?
Talked with @dustybumpers and he said they look pretty good. He said there could be carbon on a valve guide or 2, also suggested a leak down test.
Thanks for the help! I’ll put leak down test on my list. If I do have carbon build up, are there any methods to clear it out besides rebuild?

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