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steering issue

Just now rolling over 100k miles. Been feeling some steering weirdness so I get one front wheel up in the air and push at 3 and 9 and sure enough there's some wobble. Pushing at 12 and 6 gives no play at all.

Although I'll probably be replacing the worn part myself I need some help diagnosing what all might need to be replaced. And since I need an alignment anyway I've made a deal w/ my local Goodyear tire shop to do a pre alignment inspection and identify my bad part(s) so I can replace them before they do the job.

When I drop the car off what specific parts should I ask them to look at? I'm sure tie rod ends but what other kind of worn parts could be causing movement on the 3-9 push test?


crank polisher
Is this on your Taurus?

If so tie rod end is most likely the culprit. If my memory is working correctly, the steering rack on those wasn't fantastic either, so worth checking as well. I'm remembering the tie rod end out by the tire being a normal end, but the joint at the rack is an odd, ball socket affair that is prone to wear, it should be located under the rubber boot on the end of the steering rack. I think the parts house will call it an inner tie rod end. You may have to peel the boot back to see if it is loose while wiggling the wheel.

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